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Trillion Trees

A Shared Vision for More Trees on Our Planet


Tree cover is an essential part of what makes the Earth a healthy and prosperous home for people and wildlife. But the global stock has fallen and continues to fall dramatically!

The Consequences? More carbon emitted and less absorbed, dwindling freshwater stores, altered rainfall patterns, fewer nutrients to enrich soils, weakened resilience to extreme events and climate change and harder lives for more than a billion forests dependent peoples across the world.
It doesn't have to be this way, And that is why it Matters!

What is WWF Doing?

We work to:

Pursue direct forest conservation and restoration in key areas for biodiversity and local livelihoods.

Promote practices in agricultural landscapes that incorporate conservation and that make production more sustainable and livelihoods more resilient to climate change

Catalyse new large scale, nationally significant investments in forests conservation.

Document and share proof of concept and learning to overcome obstacles to scale up

Foster conversations about the need to protect and restore trees and forests

Advocate for policies that support transformative work and inspire ambitious, long term goals for enhancing tree cover

Did you Know?

Protecting and restoring forests could provide as much as half of the carbon savings we need to avoid dangerous climate change

© Nyumbani/WWF Tanzania
The Future we are Looking Forward to

We envision a future where trillion trees are regrown, saved from loss and better protected around the world. Deforestation has ended, significant numbers of trees have returned where they were lost and large areas of existing trees are better protected. These trees in forests, woodlots and farms, bring multiple social, economic and environmental benefits