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Climate & Energy

Climate Change is perhaps the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced

© Diana Shuma

The Planet is getting dangerously warmer! We need to rapidly move away from the fossil fuels of oil, coal and gas to renewable energy sources like solar and wind plus the use of improved cooking stoves. The time to Act is Now


We all rely daily on energy to cook, light up our homes and factories, work, medical facililities and even to walk around. How we produce our energy though hugely affects our environment. 

Tanzania's energy supply depends mainly on biomass. Since more than 60% of the population are not connected to the national grid, the overwhelming majority of the rural households use charcoal and firewood for cooking. Ad a total biomass makes up close to 90% of the total primary energy consumption in the country.

Unfortunately this leads to the deforestation of more than 300,000h per year, of which only about a quarter is reforested


Did you Know?

Just 1 wind turbine can generate energy to power 1400 homes

What is WWF Doing?

WWF promote a complete transition to renewable energy by 2050. 
We are pushing the government to set ambitious policies that favour climate resilient, low carbon development, energy efficiency and clean renewable energy for all.
We are working to reduce the impact of climate change in areas like agriculture, forest and water. And we are helping people and nature to adapt to the changed today and in future.
We are supporting bussinesses  to cut down their carbon emission and invest sustainably