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RUMAKI Plus Seascape

A healthy Seascape for people and nature.

© Diana Shuma

The RUMAKI Plus Seascape comprises the coastline and adjacent marine territorial waters of the entire coast of the United Republic of Tanzania. This is a 1,420 km-long coastline, on which over 8 million people, some 25 % of the nation’s population, depend to varying degrees for their livelihood.
The natural resources and habitats below the high tide mark i.e. intertidal and subtidal marine areas including mangrove forests, coral reefs and marine fishing grounds, are the main important resources used by these communities and the focus of RUMAKI Plus which also includes offshore interventions in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) (223,000 km2).

Did you Know?

The rare coconut crab is still found on many uninhabited islets in the RUMAKI Plus Seascape

The Challenge

We work to make sure that By 2025, the ecological integrity of the RUMAKI Plus Seascape is sustainably managed to enhance resilience of livelihoods of at least 30% of targeted coastal communities and the national economy.