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A Government led National Youth Campaign to Plant more than 14 million trees launched

Vice President’s Office Union and Environment Dr. Selemani Jafo has launched a national youth campaign aiming at planting more than 14 million trees by students from Primary to university level.

Speaking during the launch, minister Jafo said the campaign will go by the tag Soma na Mti which in a simple language means get education with a tree aims at reaching every young person in a formal education setting with the purpose of educating them on the need to protect our biodiversity and motivate them to plant at least one tree each.
“We will work closely with the ministries of education and Local government to make sure this vision becomes a reality. I want every student to plant a tree and take care of the tree We have seen a lot of effects from climate change and the impact is felt by everyone. It is my desire to work with the young generation to bend the climate curve. If every student plants a tree we will end will about 14 million trees in a very short time” he said.
He called on the education officers in all the district to make sure each school has an environmental club and strengthen those which already are in place.
“Work with the head teachers and environmental leads in the schools, we rely on you to make this campaign successful. It should not only stop at tree planting but the students and their school should work to make sure the trees planted are taken care of so they survive. We will indeed do a lot of benefit for the communities and for this we will be remembered”
 The minister has requested WWF Tanzania to oversee the implementation of the Soma na Mti campaign.
I know WWF has had a lot of experience in dealing with campaign implementation and they have the needed resources. I am therefore handing this campaign over to you, I have faith you and I know my campaign is in good hands. A committee will work with you to see it through. I know together we will success”.
WWF Tanzania’s partnership and development manager Dr. Severin Kalonga reaffirmed WWF Tanzania’s commitment to work with government for landscape restoration in the country and stated that the Soma na mti campaign fits very well with TCO’s restoration initiatives but more so with the foresters of the future initiative which targets the students by instilling in them the importance of tree planting through education, support them with tree nursery establishment at their schools and taking initiatives by planting trees themselves.
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Tree planting campaign launch