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Working with others for Nature and People's livelihoods

© Joan Itanisa

We work with people and other organizations, from a local grassroots community to the government and corporates, with the aim of taking action for nature together – because looking after our one and only planet is in everyone’s interests 

Greening Tanzania with VTF
© Karim Kindole
Why are we doing this?

Climate change has become a critical challenge suppressing and distorting efforts to improve productivity in the agricultural sector and subsequently affecting national food security and the overall well being of the people and nature in Tanzania.

What is WWF Doing?

We work with Vodacom Tanzania Foundation to restore remnant coastal forests of Vikindu, Pugu and Kazimzumbwi through conservation and sustainable tourism programme and support management of greening Dodoma initiative

What has been done?

More than 70,000 tree seedlings have been planted in Dodoma, with the only city forest established in the Capital City.
Small scale entreprenurs and youth and women groups have been trained on conservation of natural resources and eco friendly business ventures

© Joan Itanisa
What can you do?

We are all responsible for our lives today and our futures. You can be a part of greening Tanzania by planting a tree today, invest in ecofriendly ventures, participate in relevant decision making and talk about why we need to protect our only home with your colleagues