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Working with others for Nature and People's livelihoods

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We work with people and other organizations, from a local grassroots community to the government and corporates, with the aim of taking action for nature together – because looking after our one and only planet is in everyone’s interests 

Care WWF Alliance
© Care WWF Alliance
What are we doing?

In a world of inequality, natural resource degradation, and a changing climate, the CARE-WWF Alliance is developing solutions that help create livelihoods and opportunities for vulnerable women and men to lift themselves out of poverty while managing natural resources, protecting wildlife, and conserving their habitats.

In 2008, CARE and WWF launched a strategic alliance to address the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation. Through this partnership, CARE and WWF work side by side to strengthen climate-resilient communities and landscapes. The CARE-

WWF Alliance partners with governments and private sector companies to help communities create just and sustainable food systems around the world. In Mozambique and Tanzania, the Alliance has focused on:

Promoting resilient agriculture to increase yields and income in the face of climate change;
Enabling local communities to manage forests, fisheries, and other natural sources more sustainably; and
Improving financial literacy of the most vulnerable, particularly women, through village savings and loan associations that improve savings practices and increase access to credit