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Kennedy Mawole - Finance Manager

A Certified Public Accountant, Kennedy has worked for ten (10) years in internal auditing, accounting, financial management and grants management, with eight (8) years in senior positions in both profit making and non-profit organizations.
He started working with WWF Tanzania in 2012 as a Project Accountant, the position he successfully executed until 2014 where he was promoted into Financial Analyst position. He stepped into his current posistion as a Finance Manager in 2020 
A gregarious, friendly person Kennedy is usually outwardly confident and takes his assignments and responsibilities with easy, precision and seriousness. He is a good participator who contacts people easily and makes good impressions at first meetings. With an inborn ability to put others at ease, Kennedy is a man of his words, talkative, convincing and generally likeable. He is accommodating and kind, very personable. He is a good counsellor, advisor and team player