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Capital market stakeholders capacitated to become strategic conservationists

The Push towards Green Finance in Africa is gaining momentum by the day with more stakeholders coming on board. We are witnessing the effects caused by severe climate change all over and this without doubt affects many vital sectors including agriculture, small scale industries, health and the economy at large. It is high time for all stakeholders to take strategic collaborative action especially to guarantee investments that are sustainable and nature friendly

This has been a zeal behind the engagement of capital market stakeholders where more than 44 members of Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) were trained on Sustainable Investment aiming at building their capacity on the importance of sustainable financing and the effects of climate change on the finance sector.

TCO’s Sustainable Investment Programme Project Officer, Happiness Minja, explained that the training is just the beginning of the partnership and engagement with the finance sector in Tanzania where they are expecting to have more sessions on the same with the objective of seeing the two sectors (conservation and Finance) are working together to tackle the effects of climate change on financial and economic initiatives in Tanzania.

“We are pushing for a new era where the finance sector includes conservation in their plans. Banks give loans to small scale business people and it is understandable that they expect returns from the loans, but if the lenders are affected by climate change and their businesses are not effectively producing yields it is obvious they will not be able to pay back the loans. But if the banks take the initiative and support sustainable and nature friendly businesses on one hand and capacitate their customers on sustainable businesses both parties will end up getting back what they are expecting”

The Regional Coordinator for Africa Sustainable Investments and Infrastructure (ASI) Programme, Christine Mwangi from WWF - Kenya, who was one of the facilitators, pointed out that finance and environment are two inseparable issues and they need to be enabled to support each other for their sustainability.

We are here to share our experiences and how we are succeeding on this issue with our neighbors Tanzania and how we can work together in this journey of ensuring we have sustainable infrastructures in our countries which are supported by sustainable finances and we believe that we achieve our goal”. she explained


With the increasing destruction in our environment some of them caused by projects which do not follow guidelines in proper waste disposals and the like, we believe that our banks are in a  good position to educate project owners on the issue before providing the loans as one way of overcoming the challenge,” stated Tuse Mwaikasu The Executive Director of Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA).

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WWF/TBA on Sustainable Investments and Green financing