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Its up to us to protect nature's biodiversity

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From huge expanses of Acacia trees to ancient Baobab trees, forests and woodlands cover more than half of Tanzania’s rugged landscape. In this East African nation, forests help fuel the national economy and provide sanctuary for the country’s abundant wildlife.


Tanzania is home to one of the largest tree covers in the world. Although forests and wooded areas cover over 48 million hectares of land, but wood remains the main source of fuel for Tanzanians, even in urban areas and this puts the forests at a risk

Did you Know?

Biomass energy provides 92 percent of energy needs in Tanzania, which is causing an unsustainable use of forest resources

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What is WWF Doing?

We aim to achieve our vision for forests by Increasing protected areas and bringing more forests under improved management, Halting deforestation, particularly in deforestation fronts and Restoring degraded forest landscapes

What Can you Do

Forests have a very important role to play in Tanzania's economy, the country's forests contain such a high level of biologically diverse resources that Tanzania is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity in the world and among the 12 most diverse countries. We need every one of us to take responsibility and protect Tanzania's rich biodiversity. You can start by planting a tree today