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WWF Youth Community

Rethinking Empowerment through a new Culture of Learning

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Globally, young people appreciate nature and are confident and adequately skilled to take action by serving as environmental stewards, positive influencers, multipliers and role models in society. As a result of their initiatives, 

  • The youth are empowered 

  • The environment is protected 

  • The society can benefit 

They learn to think critically about world problems They become responsible citizens, respectful of society, the planet and its boundaries They adopt lifestyles and consumption patterns that are environmentally and socially responsible They acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to plan and implement an initiative for the environment They think and act as leaders for nature

© Abbas Upunda
How are we doing it?

  • Connect them to nature and widen their consciousness for environmental issues for them to assume ownership

  • Enable them to become agents of change by increasing skills & leadership competencies

  • Connect them with like-minded peers

  • Create opportunities to learn and practice

  • Enable them for and include them in decision making

Who They are?

They are 18 - 30 years young people who are passionate about nature and ready to become environmental stewards and together start their own initiatives for the planet.

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